A Warm Welcome to Warren Cooke

Land and Sea 28 web.jpg

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to a new guest artist to the Port Jackson Press stable – Warren Cooke.

Warren Cooke creates landscapes connected to his personal experience of place, depicting areas in which he lives, or has lived in the past. Not only literal, his selection of landscapes is also driven by distant memories, which see him revisiting  places deeply connected to his past. In this way, his prints sit at the intersection of nostalgia and the present.

His most recent work narrates his experience of the Mornington Peninsula. With a focus on the natural environment, his personal ties to the land intertwine with the notion of nature at large. Just as the land conjures notions of history and growth, so too do Cooke’s prints, which articulate time, feelings and memory. Similarly, where his relationship to the environment is influenced by feelings and mood, the natural landscape is similarly shaped by various conditions in flux. Within the woodblock medium, Cooke utilizes texture, form and colour as vessels for this conceptual exploration.

Warren Cooke is currently exhibiting two works as a part of our annual group exhibition Summer Impressions, which are available to view online by clicking HERE, or on show at the gallery until January 28th 2018. All new works by Cooke can also be viewed on his artist page HERE.