The Curated Edit: The Collectors’ Choice

collectors edit

In this edit we’ve brought together some of our major artists. With big, bold works this selection is perfect for serious collectors looking to add some star power to their investments.

Featuring two works by John Olsen, this edit proceeds the artist’s first solo exhibition at the NGV, The You Beaut Country, running from  16th September 2016 to 12th February 2017. Already considered one of Australia’s greatest living artists, Olsen’s original etchings are set to soar in conjunction with this exhibition, making now the time for savvy collectors to jump in ahead of the game.

collectors edit

  1. John Olsen, Peak Hour, 2002. 2. Sally Smart, Beeology, 2009. 3. James Gleeson, Judgement of Paris V. 4. Jeffrey Makin, Pathway Hanging Rock III, 1984. 5. Mark Schaller, The Butterfly Effect, 2006. 6. Anthony Lister, Bold Lass, 2007. 7. Lin Onus, Walawala Garkman, 2001. 8. Image via. Ultralinx. 9. Charles Blackman, Arc. 10. Tim Storrier, Midnight Embers, 2002. 11. John Olsen, Lake Eyre in Flood (Lake Eyre & Beyond Suite), 2002. 12. Criss Canning, Oriental Poppy, 2006. 13. Godwin Bradbeer, Imago – lith I, 2014.