Sai Wai Foo: Intricate Folds of the Sea


Walk along Smith St night or day until Christmas and you’ll see Out to Sea by Sai-Wai Foo. Exhibiting in our front window, this is an exquisite example of contemporary printmaking. Taking printmaking beyond the flat plane, Foo’s delicate sculptures intermingle found objects, intricate folds and printmaking. Her sculptural works embody the tactile nature of printmaking and celebrates the human experience.

In a contemporary world of plasticised mass production and robotic processes, printmaking stands apart for its implicit human connection. The artist resides over each stage of  the printmaking process and this involvement is evident in the marks impressed upon the printed surface. Sai-Wai Foo continues this discussion, pushing her work into the three dimensional realm. Their folds and forms articulate the tangible human life and energy that prints embody.

Out to Sea doesn’t just example this discussion, but employs it to the benefit of its conceptual narrative. The exhibition is an exploration of oceanic imagery and themes – ships and waves sit alongside ghostly human figures, adorning them and consuming them. Reworking her pages into sculptural forms, Sai-Wai Foo is able to convey the often conflicting nature of the sea which mirrors the human condition – its fragility, strength and above all, its beauty.