Cat Poljski: Documenting Silence

enclosed space

Currently exhibiting as a part of August’s Curator’s Choice exhibition, Cat Poljski’s work takes inspiration from an unexpected place. Instead of typical iterations of a busy urban environment–bustle, vibrancy, change–Poljski finds silence, linking the aesthetic relationship between architecture and negative space to the human experience. On her work, Christopher Heathcote writes, “Cat Poljski has us look inward, reflecting on the multifaceted cityscape we humans inhabit, how its interlocking geometric structures shape and circumscribe our lived experience.”

Adapted from a statement from a recent exhibition, Poljski illuminates upon the ties between the city, silence and the human condition:


documenting silence


What does silence look like?

Louise Bourgeois stated that, “to be an artist you must exist in a world of silence.”

The project is based on the ways in which silence can be visualised through the narrative, the aesthetics of space and through the emotional elements associated with silence.

The language for silence, vacant space and paused conversation, is a comment on Poljski’s inner dialogue and subconscious state. The word, silence, alludes to a lack of sound; a non-verbal communication. However, in the silence we have tried to represent it is far from that. whilst there is no obvious or literal voice, there does exist a sound that is imagined and one that doesn’t really associate with the silence as we know. The documenting of silence is a metaphor for reconciliation.

Susan Sontag wrote of the Aesthetics of Silence whilst Pablo Neruda articulated his ode to silence and Simon and Garfunkel sang about the sounds of silence; it became apparent what the word needs. I tried to make work that reflected a silence; our silence.

As a printmaker, the associated laborious technique and process lends itself to the symbolism of the project’s aim, which is to document silence. In the studio environment there is a sense of solitude when contemplating and making the work.

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Cat Poljski is currently exhibiting as a part of Curator’s Choice which runs until the 25th August.