Business as usual!

geo platter

January’s limited trading hours gave us chance to ease into the new year, but as of February we’re officially back, ‘business as usual’ and full steam ahead for 2018. As of Tuesday February 6th, Port Jackson Press will resume regular trading hours, which we’ve listed below, in case you’re in need of a reminder. See you in the gallery soon, we can’t wait to share with you the exciting program of contemporary printmaking we have planned this year!

We’re starting the year off with a group exhibition of guest artists, New Textures: Print Re-imagined. Running from February 2nd to 24th, this exhibition presents artists whose practice lies outside of traditional printmaking, but whose work nonetheless demonstrates an affinity with the medium – specifically, its tactility.


Tuesday : Friday 11-6

Saturday : 11-5

Sunday :  Closed

Monday : Closed