Announcing: First Exhibition of 2018!

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The new year is approaching incredibly quickly, but softening the blow is the exciting schedule of exhibitions we have planned that are now just around the corner!

We’re pleased to announce our maiden exhibition of 2018:
New Textures: Printmaking Re-imagined
2nd – 24th February 2018

The contemporary art landscape has been marked by a move away from specialisation and towards a multidisciplinary approach to art-making. New Textures: Printmaking Reimagined unpacks this hybridity within the context of printmaking. The exhibition presents artists whose practice lies outside of traditional printmaking, but whose work nonetheless demonstrates an affinity with printmaking – specifically, its tactility.

More than any other medium, printmaking produces works in which an artist’s mark-making and processes are palpable. No matter their technique, prints are made through a series of rigorous and intensive steps, while the printed page itself contains the textured impressions of this labour. That is, prints have a tangible and implicit energy.

Each of the guest artists chosen to be included in New Textures produce works that — although not specifically within the realm of printmaking — explore tactility as a concept, manipulating the traditional two-dimensional surface to provide their works with a life and liveliness typically associated with printmaking.