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In our Curated Edit series we bring together works from our drawers to demonstrate how prints can fit seamlessly into the spaces of collectors, both avid and new. Presenting an eclectic mix of artists, techniques and subject matter we show you how easily art can work in collaboration with a design vision to add character to your home.

The Serene Edit has been curated with a minimalist home in mind. Often minimalism gets associated with starkness and in this misunderstanding the soothing, calming qualities of a minimalist space are lost to an uncomfortable coldness. In this edit we reinstate the relaxing nature of minimalism. By sticking to a limited colour palette and avoiding ‘busyness’ in composition, prints can work together to create a space that is at once calming and comforting, making your home a serene escape from the bustle of day-to-day life.

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Eisenbergs 3

Marco Luccio


Eisenbergs is my favourite diner in New York. It's such a quirky and wonderful place to eat. It is a classic New York diner, still in its original time capsule, with wonderful shiny metal stools with red cushion tops and an Art Deco interior lit throughout by beautiful stage like bulbs. Signs on the wall read 'Matzo Ball Soup' and 'Pepsi'. As a visitor and an artist who loves this type of theatrical everyday setting, it is a visually exciting subject to depict. The people behind the counter wear white classic diner hats and the walls are covered with photos of the owner, Josh, with stars and celebrities. I guess I love the Eisenbergs because it offers great architectural possibilities whilst capturing an everyday American human aspect that is not often seen in my work. You must visit - order an Eisenburger and a rice pudding!

20 x 25 cm

Edition length: 50

Year of Print: 2013

$1,395.00 inc. GST


Man Kneeling

Chris Ingham


24 x 11 cm

Edition length: 5

Year of Print: 2017

$380.00 inc. GST


Happy Summer Tale

Christina Cordero

Etching - Two plates with intaglio, etching, aquatint and ink

29.6 x 41 cm

Edition length: 10

Year of Print: 2016

$1,100.00 inc. GST


The Beginning

Debra Luccio


25 x 25 cm

Edition length: 50

Year of Print: 2010

$795.00 inc. GST


Moon and Tree diptych

Michael Leunig


12 x 19 cm

Edition length: 6

Year of Print: 1991

$1,500.00 inc. GST


Our Ancestors Walk Amongst Us

Tom Civil


44 x 30 cm

Edition length: 16

Year of Print: 2014

$295.00 inc. GST