June 9, 2017July 20, 2017

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The Stars Pull at my Hair

Please join the artist in the gallery on Saturday 17th June 2-4pm for the official reception.

An arc of a journey, a course plotted across the sea, the sky, time and memories. Among these arts is celestial navigation, using the sun, moon, planets, and stars to guide one’s passage.

The pull of celestial bodies on the sea and ourselves, the progression of the seasons is played out, a silent embrace that carries all of us in its wake. In tune with the rhythms of the night sky, even in the darkness a path home can always be found.

This body of work continues to explore the themes of place, repurposing found objects rich with the patina of age. Threads metaphoric and literal tie themes together, grown crystal clusters mimic the lush paper masses that has become a signature feature of Sai-Wai’s work.

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Sculpture - Pleated book papers, glue, ceramic doll head, enamel paint, cotton thread, balsa wood, bamboo, cotton rag, aluminum, silver plated double handled vessel. Housed in a glass dome on silver plated dish.

Fancies of voyages across swelling seas

43 x 23 cm

Sculpture - Pleated book papers, glue, ceramic doll head, aluminum, enamel paint, glass headed pins, cotton rag, balsa wood, bamboo, linen thread, cotton thread, painted wooden stand. Free standing. Unhoused

Doll head with a rippling mane of hair being navigated by 5 masted sailing ships

66 x 35 cm