DAVID FRAZER : 1st – 22nd September 2016

September 1, 2016September 22, 2016

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“Slow Boat” by DAVID FRAZER. A solo exhibition of new and recent works by one of Australia’s premier contemporary printmaker.

PORT JACKSON PRESS PRINT GALLERY – 84 Smith St. Collingwood 3066

1ST – 22ND SEPTEMBER 2016  – Official opening with the artist on Saturday 3rd September 2- 4pm.


Port Jackson Press is proud to present Slow Boat, a solo exhibition by the internationally acclaimed printmaker David Frazer.

David Frazer’s work embodies the Australian condition. The rustic and the regional. Henry Lawson and the suburban sprawl. Landscape as both historic icon and endangered environment and with every linocut mark it’s typically Australian.

Frazer draws upon the narrative traditions of Australian myth, poetry and song which, with his laconic humour comments on our historically isolated condition. In diacritic form he is the lone figure intricately rendered, alone, in environments, like a voyeur to an intimate moment of despair and longing. He talks about the baffling contradictions of “confused men rooted in a landscape they dream of leaving, but yet love; yearning to be somewhere more exciting… dreaming of love and home, but equally of escape.” He does this with idiosyncratic humour. Slow Boat captures the essence of Australian tongue-in-cheek melancholia, weaving stories of the antipodean landscape and the people who live within it.

In printmaking, Frazer has found the perfect medium to express his narrative insight to the Australian condition. Showcasing a wide array of techniques –linocut, lithography, etching and wood engraving—Slow Boat demonstrates the skillset that has undeniably positioned him as one of Australia’s senior international prize-winning printmakers. Recently his vision reflects greater experimentation with scale as a narrative device. Working in both large-scale and more intimate, smaller prints, Frazer utilizes size to give greater nuance and depth of feeling to his works.

The centrepiece of this stunning exhibition is his latest print, entitled Slow Boat, which is, in Frazer’s words, “my biggest yet!”. At 120 x 180 cm, this gob-smacking, linocut magnum opus is the culmination of Frazer’s sheer brilliance as a printmaker – it’s a masterpiece!

We invite you to join us at the official opening of this exhibition on Saturday 3rd September 2-4pm.

Image: Slow Boat 2016, linocut, Ed:50, image size 120 x 180cm


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