Mandy Renard

Born in Melbourne, 1976 Mandy has been residing in Tasmania since 1999.  Mandy Renard completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UTAS in 2005 with a high distinction and has enjoyed over 30 exhibitions in the 11 years since.

The world is an infinitely complex work of art constantly unfolding. It seems natural to join in.

Anything that influences existence in expansive or uplifting ways influences me. I love feeling out intelligent beauty and reflecting it back into the world.

The works featured in this exhibition have arisen from a mixture of inspirations. These include poets, philosophers, artists, writers and mystics such as Epicurus, Hafiz, and Rumi, the entire natural world, Irmansyah Effendi, my family, Attar, Lao Tzu, Epicurus, Albert Einstein, Caravaggio, Anita Moorjani, and the spark in all beings.

I want to keep the dialogue alive around our ultimate nature. How we are in the world influences in rich ways, which are easily spoken about through the medium of the image.

I am a printmaker. I specialize in dry point etching: the scratching of marks into soft metals to create images. Once the metal plate has been etched, I push inks into the grooves and ruts of my plate. Once the plate is covered in ink the gentle process of wiping back with tarlatan and paper begins. I wipe back the ink highlighting points to create, in places, a deeper glow, a shadow or a texture. The strong cotton paper on which I print the image is soaked and blotted and carefully laid over the plate. Then the plate and paper are run through the etching press along with thick woollen blankets to protect them. Once pressed, the paper is peeled off the metal to reveal the print. The works are dried and flattened and then painted by hand. Each print takes many days to complete.

Art, poetry and interconnectedness can be seen everywhere and I love it when my imagination is carried away by the beauty of the world. The ways in which elements interact sometimes become overlayed and imbued with symbols and atmospheres or sheer transformations in my imagination. Experiencing the world as deeply alive is an experience we all love to share. This poem by Hafiz is a wonderful invitation.

(Mandy Renard 2016)


All the hemispheres

Leave the familiar for a while

Let your senses and body stretch out

Like a welcomed season

Onto a meadow and shores and hills.

Open up the road.


Make a new watermark on your excitement

And love.

Like a blooming night flower,

Bestow your vital fragrance of happiness

And giving

Upon our intimate assembly,

Change rooms in your mind for a day.


All the hemispheres in existence

Lie beside an equator

In your heart.


Greet yourself

In your thousand other forms

As you mount the hidden tide

And travel

Back home.


All the hemispheres in heaven

Are sitting around a fire


While stitching themselves together

Into the great circle inside of






The cadence of love

Drypoint - Hand coloured

74 x 88 cm

Edition length: 20

Year of Print: 2015

$1,390.00 inc. GST


Small Meetings

Drypoint - Hand coloured

41 x 40 cm

Edition length: 20

Year of Print: 2015

$570.00 inc. GST