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Each month PJP is offering access to our online VIP viewing room. The selection of original prints offered in this series are curated by an industry professional with all works available for purchase online or in the gallery. Pour yourself a glass of wine and sit back and relax as we take you through 12 Continue reading

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An Artist’s Life: Stephanie Jane Rampton

Artists are inherently visual people, whose lives are often as striking as the work they produce. As is the case with Stephanie Jane Rampton, whose solo exhibition Quiescence is currently hanging on our walls. Rampton has generously provided us with these glimpses into her world; the pictures included in this collection give depth and context Continue reading

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In Conversation: Stephanie Jane Rampton

Quiescence 3rd – 27th March, 2017 In the Romantic tradition, Stephanie Jane Rampton’s etchings explore the emotional resonances between the self and the natural world. Charting new territory in this exploration, Quiescence introduces landscapes and grand scales previously unseen in Rampton’s prints. The energy, passion and time exerted by the artist in the creation of Continue reading


In Conversation With: Danielle Creenaune and Stephanie Jane Rampton

By Kate Ellis This ‘In Conversation With’ comes to us courtesy of freelance writer, Kate Ellis, in anticipation of Stephanie Jane Rampton and Danielle Creenaune’s upcoming LWOO collaboration. Hiraeth will run from 15th July to 4th August. – In Hiraeth, a new collaborative series about to go on display at Port Jackson Press’s Little Window Continue reading