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In Conversation: PESKY

PESKY’s latest exhibition NYC sees a shift in the artist’s street-based work, quite literally. Usually focused upon the streets of her Melbourne home, PESKY relocates her gaze towards the iconic streets of New York City. This expansive urban jungle is the site of inspiration for PESKY, whose ambitions for this exhibition were to provide a Continue reading

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In Conversation: Stephanie Jane Rampton

Quiescence 3rd – 27th March, 2017 In the Romantic tradition, Stephanie Jane Rampton’s etchings explore the emotional resonances between the self and the natural world. Charting new territory in this exploration, Quiescence introduces landscapes and grand scales previously unseen in Rampton’s prints. The energy, passion and time exerted by the artist in the creation of Continue reading


In Conversation with Wayne Viney

Wayne Viney is an artist whose work is instantly recognisable. With colourful, linear gradients, Viney abstracts the landscape in a way that is uniquely his. Drawing from Romantic traditions, at the heart of his work lies a ‘yearning for the sublime’. His abstract treatment of the natural world seeks to offer an alternative to the Continue reading


In Conversation With: Danielle Creenaune and Stephanie Jane Rampton

By Kate Ellis This ‘In Conversation With’ comes to us courtesy of freelance writer, Kate Ellis, in anticipation of Stephanie Jane Rampton and Danielle Creenaune’s upcoming LWOO collaboration. Hiraeth will run from 15th July to 4th August. – In Hiraeth, a new collaborative series about to go on display at Port Jackson Press’s Little Window Continue reading

Sophia Szilagyi

In Conversation With, Revisited: Sophia Szilagyi

by Laura Kirkham Sophia Szilagyi is celebrated for her haunting figurative and landscape pigment prints. She humbly attributes her work to a serendipitous meeting of various subconscious and intuitive actions. However, after talking to Szilagyi, it becomes apparent that through this modesty, her works are orchestrated by a strong artistic vision and technique that belies Continue reading

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REVISITED In Conversation With: Danielle Creenaune

Recently Danielle Creenaune has been put in the spotlight of a new interior design market. Featured in the May edition of Country Style magazine, her works provide an interesting point of discussion about the ever-increasing relationship between art and design. Creenaune is recognised for her use of the Mokulito process, which she uses to create Continue reading