The Curated Edit: The Life Edit


Emerging from a long winter, we find ourselves drawn to prints which capture the spirit of these warmer months. This curated edit assembles prints, which in their palette and gestural marks embody the rejuvenating energy that summer brings. This edit is a celebration of vitality and movement, and its prints are a sure way to breathe fresh LIFE into your space.

Along with warmer weather Summer brings us longer days, making it the season for renovations. The LIFE Edit is a perfect reference point for any seasonal re-decorating!

The Life Edit








  1. Kyoko Imazu, Found II2016. 2. Danielle Creenaune, Serenidad xii, 2015. 3. Tom Civil, Tree of Friendship, 2016. 4. Christina Cordero, Winter Festivities, 2016. 5. Trudy Rice designer cushion cover Black Cockatoo in Flight. 6. Image via. Rikke Graff Juel. 7. Debra Luccio, Ballerina Dancing (Dancer of the Australian Ballet in Rehearsal), 2012. 8. Dianne Fogwell, Ascending, 2015. 9. David Rankin, Judean Hills I, 1989. 10. John Olsen, The Bridge, 2004. 11. Mandy Renard, Epicurean Mind, 2015. 12. Wayne Viney, Sea and Sky III, 2016. 13. Trudy Rice designer cushion cover Waratah