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This month’s edit comes to you from our very own Gallery Manager and Curator, Kathleen Coelho. Kathleen has been at the helm of PJP for the last six years and has an extensive background in printmaking. Originally trained as a printmaker, she also has over 10 years experience in the commercial gallery sector and a Masters in Art Curatorship. She lists one of her greatest achievements as that accomplished here at the gallery, growing PJP from a small print room to the evolving contemporary print gallery it is today. Kathleen has a strong focus on new and contemporary artists, who have broadened and strengthened the exhibition scope of the gallery. She continues to endorse, mentor and promote PJP artists to a diverse audience of art collectors.

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Sunny Day I, You Yangs (study)

Sunny Day I, You Yangs (study)

Wayne Viney


30 x 25.3 cm

Year of Print: 2017

$1,050.00 inc. GST

Yotsuya Schoolgirls

Yotsuya Schoolgirls

Ralph Kiggel

Wood Block - water-based

ARTIST: RALPH KIGGEL (Guest artist from the UK)

53 x 39 cm

Edition length: 40

Year of Print: 1992

$800.00 inc. GST

Road sign

Road sign


Mixed Media - 6 layer hand painted stencils with 6 colours on cardboard with spray paint and acrylic

101 x 72 cm

Edition length: 4

Year of Print: 2016

$1,000.00 inc. GST

Transfiguration (1-5)

Transfiguration (1-5)

Milan Milojevic

Digital Print - Digital/etching print on paper

5 panels

46 x 153 cm

Edition length: 20

Year of Print: 2007

$2,600.00 inc. GST

Collection V

Collection V

Dianne Fogwell


107.5 x 78.5 cm

Year of Print: 2015

$3,700.00 inc. GST



Stephanie Jane Rampton


3.5 x 10 cm

Edition length: 6

Year of Print: 2013

$120.00 inc. GST

Micah is half of everything (else)

Micah is half of everything (else)

Jazmina Cininas

Linocut - reduction linocut

Micah Wilkins must be one of the most complex female werewolf characters to find her way onto the printed page. The damaged, captivating and sometimes maddening (anti) heroine of Justine Larbalestier's 2009 novel 'Liar' is the latest inductee into my Girlie Werewolf Hall of Fame.

21.5 x 31 cm

Edition length: 20

Year of Print: 2011

$700.00 inc. GST