May 6, 2016May 22, 2016

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It’s with great anticipation that we announce our latest guest exhibition, Outside In: contemporary local and international street artists in screenprint, published by Dangerfork Print Co.

Outside In articulates our belief in the current relevance and accessibility of street art within contemporary printmaking. The medium captures the progressive attitudes and zest of the urban environment. This reflects contemporary shifts in the printmaking industry, which is diversifying and evolving in exciting ways to capture the spirit of ‘the now’. We approached boutique-printing company, Dangerfork to assist us in emerging an exhibition that promotes the cross-over of street art into the gallery sphere. With local and international artist resources, we invite the ‘outside in’ and translate this idea literally providing gallery visitors with a fresh perspective of street art as a legitimate player in the world of fine art.

The eclectic array of works curated in this show reflects the dynamism and accessibility of street art in screenprint. Included in the exhibition are prints with obvious modern zeal. Colours, layers, technique and subject matter vary wildly, speaking of the immense possibilities of the street art genre. Although street art is a more recent inclusion in fine art institutions, it has a long-standing presence in the urban landscape that makes it accessible to new—as well as existing—contemporary audiences and collectors.

PJP has specialized in fine art printmaking for decades and has evolved with its ethos to focus on new techniques and audiences over time, and street art represents the next progression in this history. It is with open arms that we welcome the Outside In.

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