Lin Onus

Lin Onus was integral to the recognition of Aboriginal art in the contemporary Australian art landscape. His work expresses the dynamism of living culture; Onus was a prominent figure in renegotiating the history of colonial and Aboriginal Australian. An early influence of this dedication was his father, who was the founder of the Aboriginal Advancement League in Victoria and a maker of artefacts. As a young boy Onus was subsequently exposed to visiting Aboriginal artists and assisted his father in decorating artefacts. His painting Barmah Forest won the Aboriginal Heritage Award in 1994; Onus also received a Member of the Order of Australia “for service to the arts as a painter and sculptor and the other promotion of Aboriginal artists and their work.” Lin Onus died in 1996.


Walawala Garkman

Walawala Garkman


30 x 50 cm

Edition length: 80

Year of Print: 2001

$3,300.00 inc. GST